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All You Need to Know About Pole Barn Construction  

If you’re thinking about building a barn for storage, living quarters, or livestock, a pole barn is a perfect solution. Pole barns offer a durable, affordable, and easy to build option to your problem. They can be as simple or elegant as desired. As a reputable construction company in [ln], we’ve built many pole barns over the years, and we have to say that all our customers love their barns. Here are some benefits of pole barns:


The nature of their structure makes pole barns very durable. Concrete columns or wooden posts are installed into the ground, increasing the barn’s wind resistance and stability. And don’t think that if you use wood for your barn, you compromise its durability. On the contrary, the wood used for pole burn structures holds a high amount of chemicals that make it stronger and thus, last longer.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of pole barns is that they are cheaper to build than any other barn structure. The reason for this is not because they don’t provide the same durability or longevity factors, but because it only takes a third of the materials it would take to build modular barns, beam barns, prairie barns, etc. Furthermore, because they are easy to build, labor costs are less than those of other barns.

Simple Construction

The fact that pole barns don’t require concrete foundations or extensive site preparation makes them very easy to build. The most complex and important part of the construction process is perhaps installing posts into the ground. This task requires special equipment and experience. That’s why you need a reputable contractor for it. However, after the poles are installed, the rest of the process is simple.

If you want to build a barn in Indiana, we highly suggest you go with a pole barn. SJS Construction LLC is a construction company that specializes in pole barn building, so you better send them a message today. They offer good services at fair prices.

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