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What Do You Know About Garages

Different Types of Garage Doors provided in Fort Wayne, IN  

There are four basic types of doors for garages. Depending on your garage positioning, they can be swing-up doors, slide to the side doors, swing-out doors, or roll-up doors. If you need to keep the ceiling clear, the swing-out and sliding barn doors are the best choice. Still, the most popular option is the sectional roll-up door.

Swing-out garage doors

Also, know as barn doors, swing-out doors are a good choice if you need to keep your ceiling clear.

Sliding garage doors

Sliding garage doors function in a way that they remain in a vertical position, by sliding away from the opening of the garage. This, however, requires more room on the side of the garage in order to allow opening along the track.

Roll up

This type of door retracts up onto a roller mounted. They are mostly used for storage, residential, industrial, and commercial units.

Swing up doors

Swing doors are designed with a special mechanism that helps for a smoother and easier door functioning.

Choosing the right style

You will want to pick the right door style, to suit the look of your house. You can find a wide range and a variety of door styles for garages. They can be traditional, or contemporary, feature panels, trim and other detailing. However, the doors with true frame-and-panel construction are found to be sturdier than those with decoration. There are also styles with glass panels on the top row. They look more welcoming and bring light inside the garage.

Apart from different styles, garage doors are also available in a range of materials. Some of which are:

  • wood
  • steel
  • aluminum

If you are looking to buy a safe and modern door for your garage, but you are not sure what is the best type, SJS Construction LLC is here to help. Serving the territory of IN, we are experts in choosing and installing doors for garages. Call us today, and get the most competent and expert advice, that will suit your needs.

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