What Can the Causes for Roofing Problems Be?

Do I Need the Assistance of a Roofing Contractor?

Welcome again! In this article, we will explain the main reasons why you might require the assistance of a residential roofer. So, whatever the problem with your roof is, don’t delay the repair. Otherwise, the attic might also be damaged by the moisture caused by leaks.

  • home constructionCracked material – one of the main causes for roof-related problems is the cracked or broken roofing material(a shingle in the most common case). However, you shouldn’t underestimate the situation, because it might escalate quickly!
  • Bad installation – if you used the services of amateurs for the installation of your roof (or skylights), you’re gonna have a bad time! If the roof wasn’t installed properly, it will cause you a lot of troubles in the future.
  • Lack of maintenance – many don’t know that they should clean and maintain their roof. As any roofing consultant will tell you, the gutters, the downspouts and the roof should be cleaned by professionals (especially if there are trees nearby). Otherwise, the fallen branches and leaves will eventually block the water flow and cause troubles.
  • Improper previous repair – just like the cases with bad installation, the improper repairs are also a common cause for roofing problems. Therefore, if you think that the team of roofers didn’t do everything properly the last time you needed a repair, make sure to contact us. Our 7 years of experience are a sure sign that we will do the job properly and with guaranteed results!

Keep in mind that, at SJS Construction LLC, we provide our services at very competitive prices. So, it is indisputable that, if you need a roofing contractor, our Fort Wayne, IN based company is your reliable partner! Reach us at (260) 201-1040 today and we will prove it!

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