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What Can the Causes for Roofing Problems Be?

Do I Need the Assistance of a Roofing Contractor?

Welcome again! In this article, we will explain the main reasons why you might require the assistance of a residential roofer. So, whatever the problem with your roof is, don’t delay the repair. Otherwise, the attic might also be damaged by the moisture caused by leaks.

  • home constructionCracked material – one of the main causes for roof-related problems is the cracked or broken roofing material(a shingle in the most common case). However, you shouldn’t underestimate the situation, because it might escalate quickly!
  • Bad installation – if you used the services of amateurs for the installation of your roof (or skylights), you’re gonna have a bad time! If the roof wasn’t installed properly, it will cause you a lot of troubles in the future.
  • Lack of maintenance – many don’t know that they should clean and maintain their roof. As any roofing consultant will tell you, the gutters, the downspouts and the roof should be cleaned by professionals (especially if there are trees nearby). Otherwise, the fallen branches and leaves will eventually block the water flow and cause troubles.
  • Improper previous repair – just like the cases with bad installation, the improper repairs are also a common cause for roofing problems. Therefore, if you think that the team of roofers didn’t do everything properly the last time you needed a repair, make sure to contact us. Our 7 years of experience are a sure sign that we will do the job properly and with guaranteed results!

Keep in mind that, at SJS Construction LLC, we provide our services at very competitive prices. So, it is indisputable that, if you need a roofing contractor, our Fort Wayne, IN based company is your reliable partner! Reach us at (260) 201-1040 today and we will prove it!

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All You Need to Know About Pole Barn Construction

Information Provided by a Reputable Construction Company

If you’re thinking about building a barn for storage, living quarters or livestock, a pole barn is the perfect solution. Pole barns offer a durable, affordable and easy to build option to your problem. They can be as simple or elegant as desired. As a reputable construction company in Fort Wayne, IN, we’ve built many pole barns over the years, and we have to say that all our customers love their barns. Here are some benefits of pole barns.

construction companyDurable
The nature of their structure makes pole barns very durable. Concrete columns or wooden posts are installed into the ground, increasing the barn’s wind resistance and stability. And don’t think that if you use wood for your barn, you compromise its durability. On the contrary, the wood used for pole burn structures holds a high amount of chemicals that makes it stronger, and thus lasts longer.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of pole barns is that they are cheaper to build than any other barn structure. The reason for this is not because they don’t provide the same durability or longevity factors, but because it only takes a third of the materials it would take to build modular barns, beam barns, prairie barns, etc. Furthermore, because they are easy to build, labor costs are less than those to other barns.

Simple Construction
The fact that pole barns don’t require concrete foundations or extensive site preparation makes them very easy to build. The most complex and important part of the construction process is perhaps installing posts into the ground. This task requires special equipment and experience. That’s why you need a reputable contractor for it. However, after the poles are installed, the rest of the process is simple.

If you want to build a barn in Fort Wayne, IN, we highly suggest you go with a pole barn. SJS Construction LLC is a construction company that specializes in pole barn building, so you better give them a call at (260) 201-1040. They offer good services at fair prices.

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Home Improvement Projects That Pay the Most at Resale

How a Good Roofer Can Add Value to Your Home

In a real estate market where the supply is higher than the demand, it’s of the utmost importance for all homeowners to look for ways to increase their property’s value. Whether you’re thinking of selling or not, choosing a home improvement that adds value to your property can give you peace of mind that you’ll keep your place on the market for longer. Here’s a list of some of the best home improvements in the matter of added value.

Kitchen Remodeling
With the right remodeler on hand, you can change the look and feel of your kitchen completely, and above all, save from unnecessary expenses. The best way to proceed is to purchase appliances, fixtures and materials that provide utility and comfort but don’t cost a fortune. An example of a bad purchase is buying an expensive chandelier as your lighting solution for the kitchen. Not only that such a fixture is uncomfortable, but it also requires unnecessary expense. As a result, you’ll not be able to recover your investment at resale.

roofing contractorBathroom Remodeling
Changing your sink and cabinets is a highly appreciated home improvement. There are numerous models, styles and types to choose from, and as long as you resume yourself to common features, the prices are reasonable. Another part of a bathroom remodeling project that is acknowledged by buyers as a good investment is replacing your old toilet. The best part about replacing a toilet is that it’s fairly easy to install and it also fits over existing plumbing.

The final, and perhaps the most important home improvement project you can think of when looking to increase the value of your property is replacing your roof. Although it’s not considered a cheap task, studies have shown that re-roofing pays off the most when reselling your home. The key here is to hire a reputable roofing contractor. If the roofer you choose for the job is licensed, experienced and knowledgeable, you have the highest chance to achieve your goal.

SJS Construction LLC is a reputable construction company, in Fort Wayne, IN, that specializes in roof installation, maintenance and repair. If you’re looking for a roofer that knows how to increase the value of your home and still help you save money, call (260) 201-1040.

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Remodel Your Deck to Add Curb Appeal to Your Property

A Deck Remodeling Guide For Any Homeowner

Your home is your fortress! Although it is your sanctuary, we are pretty sure that everyone has a specific corner in the house, which is the most cozy and appealing place for them. For some individuals it is their bedroom, while for some it is the living room. It all depends on what you are seeking – coziness, peace, or contentment. One such place that has a very lively and cozy feel at the same time, is the yard, and more specifically the deck.

A deck can add so much value to your property. It can be a place where you entertain family and friends, during small get-togethers. It can also serve as a retreat, where you can have a nice, quiet and romantic dinner with your loved one. You can also simply read a book in a comfy chair and laze around.

deck remodelingWell, if you don’t have a deck to compliment your home, the good news is the building one is quite an easy and affordable endeavor. Of course, you can build the deck with your own two hands, but you should ask yourself one question:“Do I want a truly professional result?”If you want to enjoy your deck for years to come, you should have it built by professionals. If you already have a deck, but you do not feel attracted to spending time there, maybe it is time for a deck remodeling project.

The most important part of any deck remodeling project, is to design the deck in such a way, so it offers that cozy feel, as well as comfort, you are looking for. Leave the heavy work to the deck remodeling specialists, and start planning how to arrange your deck, so you end up with that little piece of heaven in your back yard.

Adding a lot of plants and pots around this space, gives it a beautiful appearance and garden-like feel. Try to make small flowerbeds on the sides to make it attractive. The seating should spell comfort. A wise choice is cane furniture, which has a cozy feel to it and is affordable. Throw in as many bolsters and pillows as you can, so you can unwind and have a relaxed evening. Having a small center table is convenient, if you want to have your weekend brunch or dinner on the deck.

The lighting also plays an essential role. Therefore, avoid bright lights and keep the lighting minimal for a dramatic setting. Remember, the idea of a deck is to enjoy a quiet evening with family and friends, or simply relax, so don’t add too much furniture. Keep it homely and simple. Have a professional deck remodeling specialist transform your deck into the space of your dreams. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult the professionals at SJS Construction LLC, of Fort Wayne, IN.

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Different Types of Garage Doors provided in Fort Wayne, IN

What Do You Know About Garages

There are four basic types of doors for garages. Depending on your garage positioning, they can be swing up doors, slide to the side doors, swing out doors, or roll up doors. If you need to keep the ceiling clear, the swing-out and sliding barn doors are the best choice. Still, the most popular option is the sectional roll-up door.

Swing-out garage doors
Also know as barn doors, swing out doors are a good choice if you need to keep your ceiling clear

Double garageSliding garage doors
Sliding garage doors function in a way that they remain in a vertical position, by sliding away from the opening of the garage. This, however requires more room on the side of the garage in order to allow opening along the track.

Roll up
This type of doors retract up onto a roller mounted. They are mostly used for storage, residential, industrial and commercial units.

Swing up doors
Swing doors are design with a special mechanism that helps for a smoother and easier door functioning.

Choosing the right style
You will want to pick the right door style, to suit the look of your house. You can find a wide range and a variety of door styles for garages. They can be traditional, or contemporary, feature panels, trim and other detailing. However, the doors with true frame-and-panel construction are found to be more sturdier than those with decoration. There are also styles with glass panels on the top row. They look more welcoming and bring light inside the garage.

Apart from different styles, garage doors are also available in a range of materials. Some of which are:

  • wood
  • steel
  • aluminum

If you are looking to buy a safe and modern door for your garage, but you are not sure what is the best type, SJS Construction LLC is here to help. Serving the territory of Fort Wayne, IN, we are experts in choosing and installing doors for garages. Call us today, and get the most competent and expert advice, that will suit your needs.

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